MANISTEE is the hottest fishing port anywhere. This is where the salmon and steelhead fishery for Lake Michigan originated more than 25 years ago. These fish were imported from the Pacific Coast to establish a sport-fishery here. 

Two lifetimes of experience, Captain Mike Cnudde and Captain Gary Miserlian operate one of the most successful full-time charter services on the Great Lakes.

Decoy Charters and their customers have appeared in numerous outdoors and fishing magazine articles. The Captains keen ability to find fish, coupled with a philosophy of allowing customers to enjoy a “hand’s on” fishing experience is why

Decoy Charters has been ranked “one of the best” in the industry by their customers and peers.


June and mid-July we travel way-off shore to the fishing grounds anywhere from 10 to 25 miles, where the bottom of the lake plunges to nearly 1000 ft. This is where we find thermal bars or scum lines on the surface of the lake, the lake trout, steelhead, and salmon feed and school-up out here. The action can be hot and heavy, you can expect to have 10 to 20 fish-on in one day.